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Video games have developed an unfortunate reputation for having an isolating, toxifying influence on children. Bravous aims to change that. Traditional sports and games have pipelines that connect children with the resources they need to continue to learn and grow in those disciplines. This gives them the chance to practice and reach higher levels of competency, all while making friends and celebrating their time together. Up until now, esports, or competitive video gaming, have lacked that support and socializing influence.


Enter Scott Novis, the founder of Bravous. Scott comes from an eclectic background of professional influences; he has two engineering degrees, spent decades as a game designer, and worked as a Disney executive before leaving to found GameTruck, a nationwide company that provides social gaming spaces for children at parties and special events. He’s also, significantly, a seasoned baseball coach. Scott has assembled a team of experienced video game coaches who are competitive-level experts at their games but also have education and community organizing experience. 

Rather than focusing on promoting big-name sponsors and trying to create a flashy spectator experience to sell seats in an arena, Bravous aims to build grassroots communities and develop player agency. Even if a player has never touched a controller, the goal is for them to leave with the positive mindset it takes to improve at a complex task and the confidence to ask for the right resources. Bravous has the equipment, the training, and the staff needed to come to any venue, with or without internet access, and provide players the chance to try, fail, replan, retry, and succeed. 


Bravous is based in Arizona, has programming up and running in New York, and is expanding across the country. Bravous has partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Dave & Buster’s, local governments, and others in an effort to let as many people as possible, regardless of age, gender, or prior experience, engage with esports in an uplifting way. Whether you want a chance for your child to compete, coaches to run a league for your organization, or the training to get a community of your very own off the ground, let’s have a conversation and work together to unlock human potential using video games.