Video Game Introduction to STEM Careers

We transform video gaming into an engaging, educational, and fun experience where every child is included and encouraged to become their best self. This eight week after-school program draws the connection between cutting edge video game technology and the professionals that produce these amazing interactive experiences.

The Program

Each week we introduce a new game and associate the Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math behind it. We connect each title to an inclusive social story, and professional career. The program is twice a week for one hour each day.

The Platform

This is a turn key solution with everything necessary to deliver a compelling curriculum. The program is based upon the family-friendly Nintendo Switch (no internet is required). Everyone participates for maximum inclusion, and certified Bravous coaches deliver a memorable learning experience.

Connecting Fun to STEM to Careers

The program consists of eight flexible units. Below are some examples:





Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Respect in competition

Math & Art: Framerates and animation


Systems Engineer



Engineering, Art


Graphic Design

NBA 2K19

Perseverance and role-models

Technology: Motion capture

Esports careers, traditional sports careers

Program Information

Program duration

8 weeks

Program frequency

Twice per week

Length of units

1 hour


24 players per unit


Nintendo Switch

ESRB Ratings

Everyone & Everyone 10+

Bravous Coaches present


Space required

1 classroom or room of similar size

Recommended age range

3rd through 8th grade**

*Dependant on enrollment.
** Programming can be slightly changed if including children outside of age range is desired.


Example Content

Each unit will be accompanied by short worksheets related to the games played. Below is an example:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate runs at 60 frames per second.


Mario’s forward tilt becomes active (able to hit an opponent) 5 frames after the A button is pressed.

How fast does the move become active in seconds? Use a reduced fraction.

(Answer: 1/12th of a second)