Bravous Newsletter Week 2

Smash Ultimate Summit

This past weekend, the Smash Ultimate Summit took place in California; an invitational where only the best of the best smash players come together for a weekend of fun and brutal competition. It was all streamed here (parental supervision advised) and included events like mafia, random versus random, and a few more events. This is the first summit for Smash Bros. Ultimate since the game is still fairly new, but it isn’t the first time a smash bros game has been at it. There have actually been 7 other smash summits for Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube; which is a very different game from its newest counterpart. Strangely enough though, some of the best Melee players also attended the Ultimate summit. Needless to say, they didn’t do that well in the tournament. With only 16 entrants, the best Melee players in the world only had a max placing of 9th by Armada and Leffen. To be fair though, they both have been practicing very hard and shouldn’t be ashamed of their placements, especially going up against the best Ultimate players in the world.

MVG | Echofox | MKLeo

Speaking of the best Ultimate players in the world, the winner of the Smash Ultimate Summit was Echo Fox’s MKLeo, an 18 year old from Mexico. Leo isn’t a stranger to being in the spotlight in smash bros., he was considered one of the best Super Smash Bros. Wii U players in the game’s later years. In 2018, of the 11 major events he attended, he won 6 of them. This record is super impressive considering his age. Since Ultimate first came out, Leo was an Ike main, but since people keep getting better at the game, Leo saw that people started parrying Ike’s approaches to be at an advantage, which is bad for him. In response to this, Leo played Lucina exclusively in bracket, not losing to anyone. In pools, the one set he played Ike (versus NRG’s Nairo) he lost 3-1.

Scott Novis