Gaming… Just a Hobby?

Gaming… just a hobby?

While many look at gaming as just a hobby, all of those all night gaming sessions can now really pay off… literally. There are over tons of different colleges that have varsity esports teams, as well as hundreds of scholarship opportunities, that equate to 15 million dollars in scholarship opportunities in esports in 2018!

What sets esports apart from traditional sports?

Esports is the fasting growing sport by far, and is generally much more inclusive than traditional sports, so let's break it down point by point as to why esports has such an edge over traditional sports.

  • More Inclusive

    • Not only does esports provide a level playing field for players who are different builds, but it is also one of the few sports that allows both men and women to compete side by side.   

  • No bench

    • Unlike traditional sports, esports has no bench. All the players on a team get a chance to prove themselves.

  • Character Development

Helps turns players into B.R.A.V.E competitors.

    • B - Be Social and emotional competitive balance.

    • R - Respect for themselves, their coaches, and their competitors.

    • A - A healthy brain and a healthy body.

    • V - Everyone be your best, when your best is most needed.

    • E -  Everyone competes, everyone contributes.

How can I or my children start a career in esports?

As esports continues to explode in growth, there become more and more job opportunities in the field.

  • Gaining Work Experience

    • Reaching out to people in the field is a great way to start growing your roots in the esports community. While it may seem scary to make the jump to reach out to someone, it can be a huge tool in getting into the esports industry. Helping people feels good, and you would be surprised at the amount of people who are willing to help if given the option.

  • Volunteering

    • Volunteering is a great way to get a foot in the esports industry door. Researching and reaching out to any local esports events, and seeing if they need help is an exceptional way to get started. Even if you start by volunteering your time, it can lead to connections and even an actual job in the industry!

  • Signing up to leagues

    • Signing up to leagues just like the ones Bravous offers is a great way to work your way into the industry. Even if you’re not looking to become an esports athlete, spending as much time as you can in and around the industry is a great introduction to the different jobs that you may want to look into pursuing.

Scott Novis