Esports Lingo

Gamers all coming together to enjoy a nice day of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Gamers all coming together to enjoy a nice day of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In esports, we use a bunch of different lingo in order to get our point across concisely. Some of them are easily understandable, but some of the lingo is used for advanced techniques in certain games that only top players understand. Let’s start off with the easier and more common lingo and work our way up to the more difficult.

GG: This stands for “Good Game” and can be said as “GGs” for “Good Games”. Players say this as etiquette at the end of each set they play versus their opponent as a sign of respect.

WP: This stands for “Well Played” and is used for when you recognize the opponents skills in the game you are playing.

GLHF: This stands for “Good luck, have fun.” This is normally said at the beginning of a game to wish your opponent luck.

Bodied: Bodied refers to when a player dominates other players, preferable with a stylish ending.

BM: This stands for “Bad Manner” and is associated with players who are unnecessarily rude or mean.

Tournament Lingo

Bracket: Bracket refers to the diagram we use in reference to individual and team placings. Brackets are also used in Basketball for example.

Double Elimination: Double Elimination is a format for brackets, which involves a winners and a losers side. If you lose your first set, you are still in a tournament, but on the losers side, where if you lose again, you are out of the tournament.

Game: Game refers to each game that is played for 3 stocks in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Set: A set is the best of 3 that the players are playing.

Match: A match is the entire process of every game and set.

Smash Lingo

Knockback: Knockback refers to when a character is hit by a move. Knockback increases as damage percentage increases.

Stock: A stock is how many lives you have in any given game.

K.O.: K.O., just like in boxing or UFC, refers to knocking your opponent off the stage and taking a stock.

Stage: Where you battle at.

Platform: The floating pieces of land on the stage.

Ledge: The edges of the stage where you can hang onto.

Recovery: The act of coming back to stage after getting hit off.

DI: DI stands for “Directional Influence” and it refers to when you hold the control stick when you are getting hit. This causes you to fly the direction you are holding faster. Really useful survival tool if used to hold into the stage when getting hit off.

Combo: A combo is a string of attacks that flow into each other that the opponent can’t escape from.

Mario Kart Lingo

Accelerate: A term used to describe increasing your speed. Holding the A button does this.

Drifting: This is done by pressing ZR after you started turning in the direction you want to go. Drifting gives you the ability to take turns sharper AND it gives you a boost depending on how long you drifted for.

Track: Track is the stage or map you play on.

Flap: Flap is short for “Fastest Lap” and refers to the players fastest lap per track.

PB: PB is short for “Personal Best” and refers to your best track time per track.

Scott Novis