Light Wins Ultimate Nimbus


Over the weekend on March 3rd, Rogue’s, recently signed, Light won Ultimate Nimbus in California, taking impressive wins off of Mr. R, Salem, and ESAM. Light uses the character Fox McCloud, who many consider to be a high tier character, but not one of the best in the game. All of Light’s top 8 sets went to game 5, meaning him and his opponents were neck and neck for most of the match; but he was able to clutch out each set. Most of his career, he has been hovering in the top 5 for every event he’s gone to, but this one was special, since a lot more top players were present at Ultimate Nimbus. His other most notable recent placing was during Frostbite 2019 where he got, an impressive, 5th place, losing to Myran and Tweek (the winner of Frostbite 2019). Grand Finals at Ultimate Nimbus was super exciting to watch; since there is a winners and losers side bracket, Light had to play some hard sets against ESAM, not only once, but TWICE, with each one going to game 5. This win also confirmed the last spot into the Smash Ultimate Summit, an invitational tournament for the top players taking place between March 7th to the 10th. All of us at Bravous are really excited to see great things come from such an amazing player.

Scott Novis