Bravous Newsletter Week 7

Player Profile: aMSa


Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto is a Yoshi main in melee from Japan. aMSa started his smash career in 2013, with his first major tournament attendance at Evo 2013 where he got 25th place out of the 709 players, taking a game off of Mew2King, arguably the best melee player at the time. He’s then go onto taking sets off of Hungrybox, Mang0, Plup, Axe, and finally Mew2King. Not only is this impressive in its own right, you have to keep in mind this was all done with Yoshi, a character that was considered a mid-tier at best during the time. Yoshi is a unique character where he can’t jump out of his shield, making his defensive options very weak in the eyes of a beginner. However, with enough technical skill, one can turn the green dinosaur into a lightning fast monster. aMSa has paved the entire metagame for Yoshi by showcasing solid neutral game and a devastating punish game. Watching aMSa has, and always will be, a treat to watch.

Community Spotlight: VGBC


VGBC (Video Game Boot Camp) is the most prominent streaming/tournament organizer/esports teams in the entire smash community based in the Maryland/Virginia region. VGBC is responsible for streaming the majority of major tournaments around the entire world, whether it’s in Maryland, California, or even Japan. VGBC was founded at the end of 2009 by Calvin “Gimr” Lofton and his brother Matthew “Aposl” Lofton. Their first streamed major tournament was “Pound 4”, a very historic and memorable tournament. This paved the way for VGBC to start streaming other events. They even obtained their own venue to host their own tournaments; one of which is “Smash @ Xanadu” which has been running weekly tournaments since 2010. Their esports team consists of Darkhorse (a smash 64 player), Pink Fresh (an ultimate player), and aMSa (a melee player). They have a diverse repertoire of players, one for each prominent smash game. Their best performing player, aMSa, solidifies VGBC as a top tier esports organization.

Character Profile: Joker


On April 17th, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s newest character, Joker from Persona 5, joins in on the battle! I’ve been eagerly waiting for him to join ever since he was announced back in early December of 2018. Now that he’s finally here, I can confidently say it was worth the wait. Joker is a very slender, agile fighter that has a very unique trait for his kit, the ability to summon his Persona, Arsene. You will notice a gauge above his percentage on the bottom of the screen, this is called your “Rebellion Gauge”, filling it up will summon your Persona to boost your attack damage on all of your moves (except throws) and your recovery. Taking damage and using your down-special, Rebel’s Guard, will fill up your gauge fairly quickly. Rebel’s Guard is a counter move that reduces the damage taken by whopping 66%, causes you to suffer no knockback, and fills up the gauge very quickly as compared to just taking damage. You can hold Rebel’s Guard for a few seconds and can release it whenever. If you took damage with it active, when you release it you release a burst, knocking back your opponent. When Arsene is out, your down-b becomes a traditional counter move AND a reflect. Joker’s forte is his fast speed and his good early percent combos; Joker is very good at getting percent early on in a stock. Where Joker struggles is his KO options, which mainly consist of his smash attacks and some of his ariels when Arsene. There’s so much more to this character and I’m excited to see his development as a character as pro players find out more stuff.

Michael Iosue