Bravous Newsletter Week 5

Esports Team Profile: Echo Fox


Team Echo Fox is a North American esports team that was founded by the ex-NBA player Rick Fox, after he bought and rebranded the League of Legends team ‘Gravity Gaming’ in 2015 for a supposed $1 million dollars. Team Echo Fox primarily focused on playing League of Legends, however, on April 29th, 2016 they entered the fighting game community by signing Street Fighter V player Julio Fuentes. Just a month later they would further their fighting game rooster by signing pro Smash Bros player Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman.

In 2017, Echo Fox would make one of the biggest signings in esports history by signing seven FGC (Fighting Game Community) players at one, three of which came over from team Evil Geniuses. They also signed Antonio ‘CoolGrayAJ’ Javier as the teams new manager. The sudden signing of the fighting superteam was met with a mixed reception, with some players from the former ‘Evil Genius’ team wishing for the team to fall. They would later expand their rooster to 12 players with the signing of Korean Tekken pros Saint and JDCR.

Player Profile: Fox | Mew2King


Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman is a top tier Super Smash Bros. player, as well as streamer, and co-owner of the tournament organization company, ‘Most Valuable Gaming’. Mew2King started competing in 2005 (When he was just 16 years old) for Super Smash Bros. Melee, and started competing in 2008 for Brawl. He has earned himself a reputation of being one of the best Melee and Brawl players due to his great chaingrabbing, camping, comboing, as well as his extremely optimal, technical and intelligent playstyle, and his deep understanding of the game have won him over 70 first place victories throughout his career. Kashan ‘Chillindude’ Khan described M2K as having little natural aptitude for the game, gaining his skills solely through practice.

Mew2King has spent a lot of time making important discoveries about Melee on his own. In 2004 with help from ‘SuperDoodleMan’ he spent over 2,000 hours  testing several aspects of the game, such as, weight, falling speed, attack knockback, priority, game physics, etc. He shares all of his discoveries here.

Jason has also been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, and has stated that he has suffered from ‘periodic depression’ throughout his career, and has attributed much of his social growth to the Super Smash Bros. Community.

Character Profile: Pikachu


This past weekend, a tournament went on in Vancouver called “Battle of BC 3”. BC refers to the region in which it was held, British Columbia. At this tournament, they ran both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee, two very different games with two very different mechanics, however, two different players, ESAM in Ultimate, and Axe in Melee, both won with the same character, Pikachu! The most recognizable and lovable Pokemon of all time has been a contender in smash games since Super Smash Bros. 64 released back in 1999. Pikachu is defined by his lightning fast speeds and fast attacks that combo into each other with ease.

This week, we’ll cover Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As previously stated, Pikachu is a lightning fast character (no pun intended) that excels in chasing down his opponents and keeping them locked down. Pikachu has a very useful projectile by pressing B with no directions (neutral-b) that shoots out a fast moving lightning jolt. This move is outstanding at both zoning and for closing the gap between you and your opponent with an attack. Pikachu also has a bunch of different multi-hit moves that allow him to have an active hitbox out to catch his opponents off guard. To top it all off, Pikachu has no troubles in KO’ing his opponent when they get to higher percentages. Pikachu has a myriad of KO moves at his disposal, some of his best being up-smash, forward-smash, down-smash, back-air, and down-b (which calls down a giant lightning strike).

Scott Novis