Character Profile: Marth


Marth, the Hero-King, slices his way through the competition. Marth has been in the Smash Bros. series since 2001 when Melee was released.

Marth has been THE quintessential “sword” character in the Smash Bros. series. He’s always been a decently fast character in both attacks and move speed, and it stays true for Ultimate as well. Marth’s play style is all about spacing. Swinging his sword in front of him can wall out his opponent and lead to further combos.

Marth’s sword has a unique mechanic, the tipper. If the tip of Marth’s sword connects the attack,  additional damage and knockback is applied. Unfortunately, this also means that his non-tipper hits, sour spots, reversely do less damage and knockback than normal.


For example, Marth’s tipper forward-air does about ten percent, while the sour spot only does six percent. The tipper is useful for early percent K.O.’s at the ledge, while the sour spot makes it harder to K.O. at higher percents. This is called, by the competitive community, marth-ritis.

Marth’s main neutral-game tools involve his forward-air and neutral-air. Both of these attacks cover a wide distance. Once a hit lands, Marth wants to chase after the opponent and try to read their movement in an attempt to juggle them. This is where Marth shines. Up-tilt and up-air cover a lot of space above him and can catch opponents with ease.


When discussing Marth, it’s worth pointing out his echo-fighter: Lucina. The characters are incredibly similar, the only difference is that Lucina doesn’t have the tipper sword mechanic. Her moves do the same amount of damage no matter where you hit the opponent with your sword. Her average damage is higher than Marth’s as well. Due to this, pro players consider her to be a better all around character than Marth.

Scott Novis