Bravous Newsletter Week 9

Desert Ridge League Winners

Our final week for the Desert Ridge league has reached its end and the winners have been decided!

For the Majors Division, first place goes to The Special Attackers! Congratulations to our winners: Mya, Andrew, and Kayden. Amazing work as well to Tristan, Brennan, and Rocco from team Trademark, who put up an incredible fight!


In the Elementary division, Kyle places first and Haydon follows closely in second. A huge congratulations to each of them!


In the beginning we were all strangers with one common interest: getting better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Eight weeks later we transformed into a tight knit community that shared a passion and an experience together. We challenged and pushed each other to our limits, all in the name for competition. We hope everyone enjoyed our first ever league, and hope to see everyone back next time!

Player Profile: Stroder


Guillermo “Stroder” Martinez is currently the number one ranked player in Arizona. Stroder’s main character is Greninja with a Mario secondary, and has taken sets off of Salem, Tweek, ESAM, and Leffen. All this while only being 18 years old.

Stroder got his start in the Smash scene by playing Smash Bros. for Wii U, where he was ranked top five in the state.  Near the end of the game’s life span, he was arguably the best.

Stroder has been undefeated at Ascension, a monthly Ultimate tournament in Arizona, three months in a row now. He also has fantastic placings out of the state, such as the Goodwill Invitational in Orange County over this past weekend. Stroder placed first in the “Joker Only” bracket they were running, taking wins over professional players VoiD and Marss, along with Salem in the actual tournament bracket.

Character Profile: Greninja


Greninja, the ninja frog Pokémon, makes its second appearance in the Smash series. In the previous game, Greninja was considered a mid-tier character, having a subpar matchup spread and high landing lag on aerials. It’s speed is what kept it competitive, giving Greninja an elevated combo and neutral game.

With the release of Smash Ultimate, and the new gameplay changes, Greninja was escalated from a mid-tier character to a high-tier one. Landing lag is reduced across the board, making Greninja’s aerials safer and more punishing. This has the added benefit of allowing aerials to be used in conjunction with Greninja’s ground attacks.

Greninja has a variety of combo starting moves including: dash attack, down-tilt, up-tilt, and up-air. Each move can be used in different situations, giving Greninja the advantage of having more options than other characters.

Michael Iosue