Character Profile: Link


Link, the Hero of Time, continues his fight in the Super Smash Bros. series with a new Breath of the Wild makeover. Link has two main differences from previous iterations: his bomb and his hookshot. The hookshot has been replaced by a more traditional grab, and the bomb’s mechanics have changed dramatically.


In Breath of the Wild, Link utilizes remote detonated bombs and this behavior is now mimicked in his Ultimate counterpart. Previously the bombs would explode based on a fuse timer, now they are remote detonated by the player’s command.

Link is an aggressive zoner. The objective is to use his projectiles to allow him to get in close range of his opponent, and then inflict high damage. His boomerang is best used as an approaching tool where the player can throw it to box the opponent in, then charge in with an attack.

Link doesn’t have much of a combo game, he mainly relies on one or two hits in addition to his boomerang. Fortunately, Link does a high amount of damage, each interaction inflicting upwards of 30% on the opponent. This is where Link shines: his K.O. potential. All of his smash attacks K.O. early, and his forward-air and down-air do as well. If they don’t K.O., then Link’s fairly good edge guarding ability keeps the opponent on the defense.

Scott Novis