How to Cheer for your Child


Video games can be confusing to the untrained eye, especially Smash Bros. Which character is my child playing? Who’s winning? What’s their objective? We’re going to talk about how to identify all of that and more.


The first thing to understand is the objective of the game. In Smash Bros., the main goal is to rack up percent on your opponent and knock them off stage three times to win the game. We normally play a best of three set, which is whoever wins two games wins the set. Seems simple enough, right?

Now, we need to figure out what character your child is playing. The easiest way is to just ask. Your child should show enthusiasm in explaining who their character is and what they do. Give some enthusiasm back. Watch or read guides on their character to better understand how they play. It’s just like any other sport. You need to learn the plays to appreciate them better as a spectator.


Finally, the important part, how to tell if my child is winning. After you’ve identified which character your child plays, you need to pay attention to the percentages and stock count at the bottom of the screen. The lower percent, the better. The more stocks, the better.

Winning is important in a competitive setting, but so is losing. It’s important for your child to understand that even if they lost, they can still learn from it. One thing you can do is record the set your child played. Review it with them. Learning is the first step to success in a competitive environment.

Scott Novis