What is Bravous Youth Esports?

Bravous (pronounced like “Brave-Us” as in Bravely Courageous) youth esports operates competitive video games leagues in local communities around the country. Featuring the Nintendo Switch, all competition takes place in person. Every player participates. All events are managed by Bravous certified coaches.

Do I need to bring my own Nintendo Switch?

No. Bravous provides all equipment necessary for players to participate and compete.

Can I use my own Nintendo Switch?

Using your own equipment is not allowed for competition and practice formats. Bravous equipment comes preloaded with all necessary video game software and is preconfigured to work together in teams on a private local area network.

Can my player register with his friends?

Yes. Bravous youth esports values inclusion and a sense of belonging. Playing with friends is encouraged! Because teams have four people on them there may be limitations as to how many friends can play together on the same team.

Can my player enroll if he doesn’t know anyone?

Yes. Coaches will place players on teams to try and maximize competitive balance as well as social interaction.

Are coaches background checked?


Where are the matches?

All games are hosted in kid friendly venues such as community centers and family friendly establishments such as
Dave and Busters.

Are the teams co-ed?


Is the league open to girls?

Absolutely! The league is co-ed.

How is the league organized?

The league is organized into divisions. Depending upon league enrollment there will be between 2 or 3 levels working from Farm (Elementary School), to Minors (Middle School) to Majors (High School).

Can siblings play together?

Yes, as long as they do not cross more than one division (elementary kids and high school kids can not be on the same team).

Do siblings have to play together?

No. Siblings can request to be on different teams, and this wish will be accommodated if possible.

Can players play up or down outside their age division?

Bravous respects the wishes and guidelines of our community partners and venue hosts. As there is no physical risk with older kids playing with younger kids, if parents and community partners approve of the change we are happy to accommodate it.