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What is Bravous eSports?

Bravous (pronounced like “Brave-Us” as in Bravely Courageous) eSports Academy is America’s leading youth eSport development organization. We provide video game athletes with high quality, purposeful skill training and coaching, in the form of clinics, leagues, Club Teams, Camps, and private training. Our professional coaches will motivate and enable all players to become balanced individuals and competitors. Bravous eSport Coaches work with players to reach their full potential and acquire the knowledge and skills to compete in eSports at the next level. Bravous stands for Bravely Courageous. Our goal is to coach BRAVE eSport athletes. BRAVE competitors have Balance, Respect, All-In, Values, Excellence; these are the five pillars to our program and what we emphasize for our players to be productive, responsible, high character individuals in and out of video game competitions.

What is a Bravous eSports clinic?

  • Bravous Clinics are 60 minute high-intensity, game-speed skill development sessions that address all aspects of video game competition (Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, smash Brothers Ultimate, Minecraft, and Fortnite) conducted at multiple BGCS locations.

What is a Bravous eSports clinic membership?

Bravous eSport Clinic Membership includes 1 to 4 clinics per week, plus:

  • Bravous Certified Professional Coaches Implemented In Boys & Girls Club Of Greater Scottsdale (BGCS) Leagues And Teams

  • BGCS Membership

  • Priority Access To Private Training & Special Events

  • Priority Selection For Club Teams

  • Mental Skills Training

  • Individual Skill Evaluations Every 90 Days

  • Discounts On All Bravous eSports Camps, Club Team Packages & Special Events

  • Discounts On All Sponsor Products

  • Weekly Newsletter & Skill Development Content

  • Weekly Updates & Reminders For All Bravous eSports Events

How much does a membership cost?

There are 4 options for Bravous Clinic Monthly Memberships:

  • $45.00 - Walk In

  • $95.00 - 1 Clinic Per Week

  • $135.00 - 2 Clinics Per Week

  • $165.00 - 3 Clinics Per Week

  • $185.00 - Unlimited

How long does a membership last?

Bravous eSports Memberships are continuous, abiding memberships that incur an automatic monthly fee.

When/How do I cancel my membership?

Membership accounts can be upgraded, downgraded, canceled or restarted at any time. Members modify plans themselves or request Bravous eSports to make changes directly. Upon cancelation all players can finish out the current month. There is a "NO REFUND" policy for all Bravous eSports Memberships.

Does Bravous eSports offer any discounts on your memberships?

Yes. We have a “Membership Adjustment Form” which all families are eligible for. It’s a 2 minute form to adjust your monthly payment to the cost you can afford for your athletes. Bravous eSports promotes a “No Player Left Behind” Clause. We understand families have multiple kids and play multiple sports including eSports. This allows all athletes to still participate in our program at an affordable rate. Please do not allow finances to be the reason your student athlete is not a part of the #1 youth eSports development organization in Arizona. Go to  Https://  to adjust your package or contact 

When does the season start/end?

Bravous eSports is a year-round continuous organization. We provide ALL programs throughout the year with brief intermission between seasons or for major holidays.

Where will trainings be located?

Bravous eSports clinics are held at various Boys & Girls Club locations in the Greater Scottsdale and East Valley area.

What is the BGC/Bravous partnership?

The Boys & Girls Club of east Valley and Greater Scottsdale & Bravous eSports Academy have partnered up to change the culture of eSports and video games to enhance the quality of coaching/training available to youth eSport athletes. By implementing coaches in the BGCS leagues and offering premium training to all players, it immediately enhances the competition level for all players, tournaments, & leagues.

Do I have to be a BGC member to join Bravous eSports?

No, however, all Bravous eSport Members will receive a complimentary, one-year BGCS membership with the purchase of their Bravous eSport membership.

Do you have Club Teams?

Yes. We host teams each season for boys & girls from 3rd Grade to 12th Grade. All teams require players to attend tryouts for the respective upcoming season. Find out more about our teams at .

Do you have leagues?

Yes. Starting in the spring 2019 The BGCS league is the official league for Bravous eSports Academy. We will train and coach players in the league per request. In addition, Bravous members will be implemented into the league each season to ensure the athletes continue to grow and develop. 

Do you do private training?

Yes. Private group trainings are led by Certified Bravous eSport Coaches specializing in the video game of your athlete’s interest. These training sessions are advanced curriculums which, in most cases, are “Invite Only”. Bravous eSports Members will have first priority to all private group trainings.

What are the ages?

We train/coach both boys and girls ages 5 - 16.

Can my child participate if he/she is fairly new to eSports?

Absolutely. We encourage beginners to attend all clinics to enhance their skill set. All clinics are created to adjust according to the eSports athlete’s capabilities and skill set. There are three different skill sets at each clinic. each athlete will be assigned in a group based on ability and age.

How do you measure their development?

Every Bravous eSport member receives an assessment every 90 days to measure their growth and development. Many factors play a role in this assessment including: Balance in mental, physical, emotional, and social. Game Awareness, team work, Mental Preparation & Respect for teammates, opponents and coaches. 

Why haven’t I been receiving information about Bravous eSports ?

If you haven’t been receiving emails, they’re most likely in your SPAM INBOX. Please check your spam and add us to your email contacts so you can continue to receive updates, discounts, promotional events and content from Bravous eSports .