Get a Handle On Your Kids Video Gaming!


Bravous can turn your child’s passion for video games into a team based sports experience through eSports.

 We have combined the best of traditional sports, and the best of video games, to create a unique growth oriented experience for kids.

  • No player left behind.  There is no bench, everyone plays, everyone participates

  • All competition is in person, face to face

  • Players work in teams

  • Certified Coaches provide instruction, feedback, and skill development

  • All venues are local and community focused

  • Games are age appropriate

  • Parent resources to help you support your eSport athlete

Bravous eSport Programs

Your child can connect to our exciting community through a variety of programs.  Including:

  • Clinics

  • Tournaments

  • Leagues

  • Camps

Rhymes with Courageous

Bravous eSports is America’s leading youth eSports Academy.  Our goal is to create an environment that brings the best of sports and competition to the digital-athlete.  At Bravous we believe in training players to become B.R.A.V.E. competitors

Balanced - We value physical and mental training as much as skill training
Respectful - We compete with each other, not against each other
All-In - We are energized by challenges, not diminished by them
Virtuous - We compete with honor and integrity
Excellent - We strive to become the best which we are capable of becoming