The Super Showcase is a unique format for competition designed to allow drop-in/drop-out participation and to never eliminate a competitor while still rewarding and highlighting the most skilled among them.

Before they compete, players gain access to setups with the game to practice with as well as coaches that are familiar with the title and can help by answering questions or making suggestions. Players compete on a large, eye-catching LED screen. While no one is ever eliminated for losing, the winners of all the matches are called back every hour or so to compete with just the other winners of previous matches to create a higher level of competition.


Culture Kitchen is a fun, interactive program that cultivates collaborative teams and teaches strategies to rapidly manage uncertainty and increasing complexity.

Culture Kitchen challenges your team with a video game that stresses interdependent teamwork. Players take the role of one of four chefs, working together to run a restaurant. While the controls are accessible, and every chef can do any task, no chef can do every task.


The program is facilitated by innovation expert Scott Novis, former Walt Disney executive, holder of two engineering degrees, named on 11 patents, and creator of the nation’s leading video game party franchise company, GameTruck. Scott’s team of professional video game coaches take away the learning curve so your staff can focus on having fun while they learn.

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At Bravous, our goal is to create community spaces where people can learn and grow through playing video games together. We’re working to do this in our community, but if you want to do it in yours, we’d love to help!

Contact us to get the same quality equipment we use to run our youth esports leagues as well as professional training on anything from player behavior management to tournament organization to in-game tactics and strategy for coaches to teach.

Stand on our shoulders to get your own gaming community to reach even higher!