Connecting Communities with eSports


Bravous eSports, America’s Leading Youth eSports Academy

Designed from the ground up to empower local community organizations like yours, Bravous eSports offers a wide range of programs to engage kids from elementary through high school using eSports.

Sports for the Digital Generation

Many people ask, “what is eSports?”. The simplest answer “competitive video gaming” does not provide the real answer. The question most people really want an answer to is, “Why is competitive video gaming so popular?” The answer to that is so big, it is nearly invisible.

Think back to what the world looked like when most traditional sports were first conceived a century ago. The economy was dominated industrial and agricultural efforts. Sports reflected many of the human traits that drove our economy back then. In this millennia however, those industries make up less than 10% of our GDP. This leads us to ask, what sport most reflects todays economy? In this light, eSports is the clear answer.

Turning Passion into Practice

 At Bravous eSports, we have combined the best of traditional sports, and the best of video games, to create a unique growth oriented experience for kids.

  • No player left behind.  There is no bench, everyone plays, everyone participates

  • All competition is in person, face to face

  • Players work in teams

  • Certified Coaches provide instruction, feedback, and skill development

  • All venues are local and community focused

  • Games are age appropriate

  • Parent resources to help you support your eSport athlete


Programs For Every Level

Your community can connect through eSports via our exciting variety of programs.  Including:

  • Clinics

  • Tournaments

  • Leagues

  • Camps


Making Partnership Easy

Caring for kids is complex enough, so we work hard to make partnership simple. Bravous eSports provides everything necessary to create a successful eSport program. We bring:

  • The equipment

  • The content

  • and the coaching staff

But it is much more than what we bring, it is what we can do together that makes an impact.

Your Kids + Our Coaches = Maximum Engagement

All programs are lead by our certified and professionally trained eSports Coaches. We are experts in getting kids into video games and teaching them how to become healthy competitors. Our staff emphasizes respect, and team work.

Your Facility + Our Systems = Enriching Environment

Using the Nintendo Switch, Bravous eSports can provide a rich set of programs for hours on end with no internet needed, and extremely low power consumption. What’s more we can bring age appropriate as well as many of the most popular eSports titles. We bring everything the players need to learn and have fun.

Your Parents + Our Programs = Optimal Enthusiasm

Bravous eSports is committed to building a fully inclusive environment, and that means parents as well as players. We help parents not only understand the skills their players are developing, but also give them the tools and knowledge support and root for their digital athlete.


Rhymes with Courageous

Our goal is to create an environment that brings the best of sports and competition to the digital-athlete.  At Bravous we believe in training players to become B.R.A.V.E. competitors

Balanced - We value physical and mental training as much as skill training
Respectful - We compete with each other, not against each other
All-In - We are energized by challenges, not diminished by them
Virtuous - We compete with honor and integrity
Excellent - We strive to become the best which we are capable of becoming