A Space For Growth, Inclusion & Fun

At Bravous Youth Esports, we transform video gaming into a structured, educational, and fun experience where every child is included and encouraged to become their best self.




We know the concerns you have as a parent when it comes to video games and your children. We have experienced the same concerns as parents. That’s why we created Bravous Esports. Bravous is a breath of fresh air in the world of video games and the leading youth esports academy in the United States.

Your children’s growth and well-being are #1 in the Bravous program. We bring structure, goal-setting, team building and most of all, community to the world of video games with competitive video game leagues for players in the 3rd through 12 grades.

Our league setting makes it easy and fun for your children to build the crucial developmental skills that are typically only available in traditional sports. Players train, play and compete in person. Guided by progressional coaches, players join teams, develop valuable skills and learn the value in competing with courage.

At Bravous, we believe kids of all ages should be able to enjoy video games in a setting that promotes their growth and valuable skills. The root word of “Bravous” means “brave”, and we challenge our players daily to push themselves to grow, learn and be bravely courageous.


Our value-driven program sidesteps the pitfalls of unstructured gaming. Instead, esports leagues allow your child to grow, make friends and build skills to last a lifetime. Bravous coaches support this effort with innovative training tools to guide players into becoming strong competitors.

By breaking video game skills down into clear and understandable training segments, players learn the most advanced techniques. Players progress from basic skills, to advanced techniques, and finally strategic thinking.

Our core values form the backbone
of the Bravous program:

  1. Belonging - Be part of a team, and play with friends in person who share your interests.

  2. Competence - Develop skills, and improve not only cognitive abilities but also motor skills through practice and instruction.

  3. Usefulness - Coaching teaches strategy and approach, so players learn how to adapt and grow as challenges progress.

  4. Contribution - With no bench, everyone plays, everyone contributes.



Kickstart Your Child’s
Journey Into Esports

Begin the journey by locating your local Bravous league and enrolling your future champion into the program.

The Training & Excitement
Start Here

Once your child is registered, that’s where the fun begins! Each week your child will train and play in competitive video game leagues organized into 8-week seasons.

Build Skills For
Future Success

Develop competence and become a part of a team through Bravous Esports. Our coaches use innovative techniques to teach your child skills that last a lifetime.